Why America doesn’t just miss President Trump, they NEED President Trump!

About 300 asylum seekers slept on the ground on the Mexico side of the border, some due to no food at Del Rio. Others fear the U.S. will deport them without asylum processing — though Mexico is also making arrests: “It would be better for us to get killed than to get deported.”

High gas prices High lumber prices Inflation over 5% since January Border out of control Vaccine mandates Taliban is back And it’s only been 9 months. How anyone can still #RespectBiden is beyond me.

Haitians fleeing violence & the lack of a credible government in Haiti are being treated like animals. U.S. government cowboys on horses used whips on Haitians as they sought refuge. Why are we following the Trump policies? This horrendous treatment of Haitians must STOP NOW.

President Biden was right in saying the world sits at a critical moment and that the world needs strong American leadership. Unfortunately, that leadership was nowhere to be found during President Biden’s address.