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President Trump will be back on twitter you have to watch this video

Two Trump advisers, former White House deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino and ex-campaign manager Brad Parscale, have taken the lead on developing a vision for the ex-president’s reimagined online presence and more high-level meetings on the matter are due to take place at Mar-a-Lago this week, according to the senior Trump adviser.

But some in Trump’s orbit believe the effort is doomed to fail regardless of who is involved or what the ex-president’s team comes up with.

“Even if it doesn’t suck, who the hell is going to sign up?” said a former Trump campaign official. “I don’t have a ton of confidence in this.”

For over a decade, Trump communicated his thoughts through Twitter on a head-spinning potpourri of topics, ranging from Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart’s love life to the Iranian regime’s nuclear ambitions.

His use of the platform was so prolific that almost any time a major cultural event happened, journalists would quickly unearth a related Trump tweet on the subject — often to find he had taken the exact opposite position of what he was advocating in real time. There were some days that, between his tweets and retweets, he would post more than 100 times.