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In the game against Germany, the otter predicts “Japan will win” Goal with both hands on the blue bucket! Brazil next

On the 22nd, one day before Japan’s first match against Germany in the World Cup soccer tournament in Qatar, the male small-clawed otter “Taiyo” is a fortune-teller at the aquarium “Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa” in Minato-ku, Tokyo. I expected a “Japan victory” and sent an ale to Samurai Blue.Three buckets were prepared with the national flags of both countries and the word “draw” on them, and most of the time the ball was put into the blue bucket of Japan.

According to Takamura, the Asian small-clawed otter’s dexterous dexterity is taken advantage of by adopting a prediction method using a bucket. He initially headed for a red bucket with a German flag on it with a small rubber soccer ball in his hand, but turned back and soon after approached the Japanese bucket, leaned over it, and threw it with both hands to score a ‘goal’.